Make your wedding day memorable.

MJ Entertainment knows that your wedding day is going to be as unique as you. We create a sound and experience around your individual style and pair you with your favorite artists in our collection. From a soloist for your ceremony to a 12-piece band for your reception -- and anything in between, we turn up the music! Not sure what you need? Our most commonly requested wedding offerings are as follows:


MJ Entertainment Classic Experience

- DJ music for your wedding ceremony
- Live acoustic guitar + vocals during cocktail hour
- DJ for dinner (1 hr)
- 6-Piece Reception Dance Band (3 hrs)
- Band includes rhythm guitar, female and male vocals, lead guitar, bass, drums, keys
- MJE provides pre-recorded music for the band's breaks

MJ Entertainment Signature Experience

- Live Acoustic Guitar/Vocals during wedding ceremony
- Acoustic guitar and vocal covers during cocktail hour
- Standard dance floor lighting in reception area
- 6-Piece Reception Dance Band: Lead by signature MJE notable front man or woman of your choosing
- Band includes rhythm guitar, female and male vocals, lead guitar, bass, drums, keys
- MJE Reception DJ provides music for the band's breaks
- For larger events (150+ guests), we recommend adding our horn section consisting of: Trumpet, Saxophone
- For other band sizes and needs, please contact us to curate a night unique to you.

A La Carte Musical Services

- Reception band only (4 hrs)
- Live acoustic guitar + vocals for ceremony (including 30 min DJ prelude)
- GB Duo (guitar and upright bass instrumental)
- Harpist
- String Trio
- Extra Musicians

A La Carte Extras
- Extra Sound Systems (Two speakers, mixer, and microphone, with everything needed for setup included)
- Cocktail Hour/Reception Request Book (Michael Jade will put out a request book of songs for you and your guests to choose from live while he plays his set)

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give us a call or shoot us an email. We’re here to help!