Hiring a Live Wedding Band Vs. DJ for Your Wedding

Why Live Wedding Music is the Best Option for Your Wedding

There’s no question about it — your music choice can make or break a wedding celebration. When trying to decide between a band or DJ (or both), think of it as the heart and soul of your reception. An excellent choice will result in a great reception and a good time had by all while making the wrong selection can end your special day on a sour note – literally.

There’s just nothing like a live wedding band to create a sense of sophistication and get your guests excited. A good bandleader will be your master of ceremonies for your reception, enticing people to dance, interacting with the guests on the dance floor and paying attention to the mood and feel of the room — making their music selections accordingly.

Of course, live music is, well, live. Just about anything can happen to elevate the excitement level of the room, from an impressive solo to a rousing horn section interlude, and you and your guests will have the pleasure of a performance rather than someone just playing pre-recorded music.

A DJ with a low-key personality can be an absolute party killer — it’s no fun to watch someone stand behind a DJ booth all night with headphones on. The opposite can also be true — hiring a DJ with an over-the-top personality who thinks they’re a comedian can be extremely cheesy and can lead to some potentially uncomfortable moments.

How to Choose The Right Live Wedding Band

Once you’ve decided on a live band over a DJ, selecting the best band for your wedding can be both fun and trying. So take the time to review these tips for choosing the right band:

Review prior customer feedback and testimonials

  • Check out the band’s website and social media to watch videos of their live performances
  • Find out how long the band has been together
  • Ask for referrals from venues, friends, and customers
  • Ask for a final price quote in writing
  • Do they provide all of the instruments and sound equipment necessary?

Benefits of Hiring MJ Entertainment for Your Wedding

MJ Entertainment LA is a music agency that designs your wedding band around our celebrity front men & women. Our band members are recognized for their work on shows like American Idol & The Voice, and when we’re not performing at your wedding, we regularly tour with acts like Pentatonix, Jason Derulo, Borns, Rita Ora and Nick Waterhouse.

The MJ Original band plays every decade’s Top 40 hits, and this band is guaranteed to keep the dance floor packed and party going all night long. Our lineup features male vocals/rhythm guitar, female vocals, lead guitar, keys, bass and drums and our 8 piece option includes a horn section. MJ Entertainment LA isn’t just a wedding band; we’re a group of critically acclaimed musicians that happen to love performing at weddings.

Contact us today to ensure that you get us booked for your special day or visit our artist’s page to see why we say that we have the best of the best for your wedding day.

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