A sign of a good wedding is when the dance floor is filled with laughter, dancing and all your guests. It’s often times intimidating to be the first on the dance floor, so here’s a few tips to make your guests comfortable to get up and groove.

  1. After all the special dances are done, pick an upbeat song that your wedding party (or close friends) can join you on the dance floor to dance to. Have band leader announce that the dance floor is open and warn your wedding party that it’s their time to get up and dance. This doesn’t have to be choreographed or cheesy, but everyone up and dancing together makes for a fun, less frightening atmosphere for everyone.
  2. Know your guests! Add in some special slow dances and call up couples to dance. Take some time to grab a few special guests and have them join you on the dance floor. If the newlyweds are up there dancing, the guests, who are there to celebrate the love of the two, will feel excited to get up and celebrate with the happy couple.
  3. Allow your band leader to read the guests. If they’re gravitating to certain songs, he/she has the ability to slightly switch up the set list to accommodate and keep the party going strong.